For all members to improve their photography and develop skills through guidance at home meetings and during shoots and workshops

​​Only photographs at tutorials, workshops or on a photo shoot are eligible for judging at the club’s home meetings.

Photographs may be in colour or black and white.
​Monthly themes may be photographed anywhere but must be taken within the month specified.
All photographs submitted for judging at home meetings must be your own work, taken by camera and must be entered into the correct category – “as taken or enhanced.’
Members are trusted to enter their photographs into the correct category and if not then the photograph will be removed from competition.If this happens after judging, then it will be removed from any position it has earned.

Definitions As taken:
The photograph may be cropped and straightened but no other processing is allowed.

The photograph may be post processed as follows:
cropped and straightened,
contrast/brightness can be adjusted
tones/levels can be adjusted
convert to black and white

No other adjustments allowed, no HDR processing
No element of the photograph can be removed other than by cropping/straightening
No cloning/healing allowed
No retouching
No sharpening.​